Unboxing, Macaron a unique trick taking game featuring trump suit voting and a punitive suit

Macaron is a modern card game that has clear roots in traditional trick-taking card games. This is a great next step game for fans of Hearts or Spades.

The biggest thing Macaron adds to the traditional trick-taking mechanic is a vote to determine trump. It also features a punitive suit that players will not want cards of in the tricks they take. Both of these combine for a new, unique, trick-taking experience.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this game in thanks for my preview of Macaron published before it went live on Kickstarter.

What does the final production version of Macaron look like?

Description from the publisher:

To celebrate King Louis’ birthday, royal pâtissiers are busy preparing Macaron gift boxes for the royal family and guests. At the end of the celebration, the pâtissier who has made the most boxes wins and becomes the most prestigious pâtissier in France. But beware, underneath the cheerful pâtissiers and colorful Macarons, an allergen might slip into your box and ruin the pastry. Are you ready to make some Macarons?

Learn how this game is played in my Macaron Board Game Preview, where I also share my thoughts on this unique and engaging trick-taking game. 

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