UNBOXING Magical Kitties Save The Day, a family friendly Tabletop RPG where you play cats

A look inside the box for the retail non-deluxe version of Magical Kitties Save the Day from Atlas Games, a tabletop role playing game for all ages.

Magical Kitties is a pen and paper RPG where you take on the role of magic cats who work together to solve problems for their humans without them learning about your magical powers.

Disclosure: Atlas Games sent me a review copy of this game. No other compensation was provided.

What comes with the Magical Kitties Save the Day Standard Edition?

From the publisher:

Magical Kitties at a Glance
You are magical kitties. You have humans. The humans have problems. Use your magical powers to solve their problems and save the day!

A roleplaying game designed for all ages to enjoy, that excels as an introduction to the hobby.

The elegantly simple rules system puts the emphasis on storytelling and supports a setting and characters that players are familiar with and love from the start.

The World of Magical Kitties
You are Cute. You are Cunning. You are Fierce. You are Magical Kitties, and it’s time to Save the Day!

Every Magical Kitty has a human. Every human has a Problem. In Magical Kitties Save the Day, you need to use your magical powers to solve Problems and save the day! But kitties live in Hometowns that are filled with witches, aliens, hyper-intelligent raccoons, and other foes. They make human Problems worse, so the kitties need to go on adventures to stop them before that can happen.

For more information about this game be sure to check out my Magical Kitties Save the Day review. If you are interested in other Kid-Friendly RPGs have a look at my Mermaid Adventures review

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