UNBOXING The Master Tailor’s Poltergeists Demo Kit for the Aventuria Adventure Card Game

A look at this small box expansion for the Aventuria Adventure Card Game, a cooperative or competitive card game set in the world of The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge). 

The Master Tailor’s Poltergeists is meant to be used as a demo kit but is also a great introduction to the game. This is the English edition of Schneidermeisters Poltergeister.

Disclosure: Ulisses Spiele was awesome enough to include this demo kit with the Aventuria stuff they sent me to review.

What do you get with The Master Tailor’s Poltergeists Demo Kit for Aventuria?

From the publisher:

This Demo Adventure with 4 pre-made Beginner Hero Decks allows you to introduce a group of up to four newcomers to the exciting world of the Aventuria Adventure Card Game. Contains 55 cards and a small rule and adventure booklet

To use this expansion, you also need the Aventuria Base Game.

To learn more about the base game that this expansion is designed for, be sure to check out my Aventuria Adventure Card Game Core Set review

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