Unboxing Quiver Time CITADEL Deck Block. Premium card protection for tabletop card game players.

A live unboxing of a Citadel deck box from Quiver. This high end piece of gamer luggage is designed to hold your cards as well as some additional components like dice.

Citadel Deck Block lets you organize, protect and carry your cards, dice, tokens and coins in a smart and secure way.

Disclosure: I was provided with a Citadel Deck box for review. No other compensation was provided.

A live unboxing video of a CITADEL Deck Block from Quivertime

From the publisher:

The Citadel Deck Block comes with:

A special fully detachable cover attached with strong magnets
A phosphorescent label tag
A transparent custom-made acrylic divider
A black elastic band

The cover and the box are covered in Premium Vegan leather with an exterior pattern and velvet on the interior.

The cover can easily be attached with strong magnets. But also, can be taken off completely and used as a small playmat, while the box can be easily accessed and moved around the table or used as a dice rolling box.

The divider is a rigid transparent card like structure used to create a compartment for dice & tokens. It can be placed in both vertical and horizontal configurations. The divider can also be used as a score board. You can easily remove the writing and reuse it for the next game.

Organize your decks with the white label that allows you to write the content of the Deck Block and whatever you write can be wiped out completely at any time. This tag is also phosphorescent and it glows in the dark. Pretty cool, eh?

Not that it wasn’t safe enough already, we went ahead and designed this Elastic Strap that easily wraps around the block and keeps it extra safe while you carry it. So even if it falls from your hands, your precious cards will remain untouched inside the Citadel.

The CITADEL Deck Block holds up to:

100 double-sleeved cards OR
130+ single-sleeved cards OR
60+ double sleeved + divider + dice & tokens OR
80+ single sleeved + divider + dice & tokens.

Check out the Citadel on Kickstarter

Check our my review of the original Quiver Time, Quiver Premium Card Carrying Case.

Shop Quiver Time on Amazon (Affiliate)

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