Unboxing Shikoku, a racing game where you don’t want to be first or last

Watch me crack open my sealed copy of Shikoku from Grand Gamers Guild for the first time.

Discover, with me, what you get in the box for this unique racing game that’s all about moderation. In this game you don’t want to be too quick but you also don’t want to be too slow.

Disclosure: Grand Gamers Guild was cool enough to send us a review copy of this uniquely themed racing game.

Shikoku Unboxing Video

From the Publisher:


Traveling to Shikoku, the smallest of Japan’s four main islands, is said to be the only way to avoid one’s Year of Misfortune. While pilgrims experience it at different ages, this misfortune may be avoided by finding favor at the temple Yakuōji.

This is your time to make the journey and set a path toward good fortune.

Shikoku is a racing game that uses mantra cards to guide your delicate journey toward the temple. Advance wisely for a pace that avoids calamity and brings a year of good fortune.


Since I originally recorded this video and first posted it on YouTube we have played many games of Shikoku and enjoyed all of them. For a short filler game Shikoku features quite a bit of both strategy and tactics. While it’s not a heavy game, you will need some thinking and clever play in order to be one of the winners.

Read more in our full Shikoku Review.

Grand Gamers Guild: Shikoku
  • For 3-8 players, ages 13+
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