Unboxing The Horned Rat Expansion for Chaos in the Old World

In this video, I crack open a long out of print and highly sought after expansion for one of my favourite asymmetric board games of all time, Chaos in the Old World from Fantasy Flight Games.

This expansion adds a new faction to the game, letting you play with up to five players. It also includes a number of new cards for the four existing factions. 

Disclosure: I picked up this expansion many years ago. I’ve owned it for far too long and finally decided to crack it open.

Unboxing Chaos in the Old World The Horned Rat Expansion

From the Publisher:

Below the Old World’s cities sprawls a vast network of tunnels, caves, and underground roads. Verminous Skaven skulk within this Under Empire, waiting for the perfect opportunity to rise from the warrens and destroy their enemies for the glory of their sinister god, the enigmatic Horned Rat. Even as the Ruinous Powers work to corrupt the Old World, the Skaven are ever scheming to further their own dark agenda.

The Horned Rat expansion for Chaos in the Old World introduces a fifth player to the race toward corruption! Armed with a legion of Skaven followers, the Horned Rat player uses numbers and subterfuge to his advantage, scoring points by spreading the Skaven’s teeming masses across the Old World. Players of the existing Ruinous Powers can meet the foul vermin head on with a host of new gameplay options, including alternate upgrade and Chaos cards. Meanwhile, veterans will find engaging challenges with new expert-level Old World cards and gameplay variants. Prepare to join the battle for dominance!


I’m sorry to say that at this point I still haven’t actually gotten this expansion to the table. Despite Chaos in the Old World being one my all time favourite games, I’ve found it hard to get to the table with so many other, often newer, options available.

Have you played Chaos in the Old World with The Horned Rat Expansion? What am I missing? How badly should I push my group to play it?

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