Unboxing Draconis Invasion, a competitive fantasy themed deck building adventure

Check out what you get in the box for the fantasy deck building game Draconis Invasion that features some interesting new mechanics.

This is a traditional static market deckbuilding game with some interesting new twists, like collecting Terror Cards which not only clog up your deck but also advance the in-game timeline, and having to pay to use your Defenders even after you’ve bought them from the market. 

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What you get in the box with a copy of Draconis Invasion

Description from the publisher:

The King has commissioned you to defeat the invading hordes of Draconis. Hunt these vile creatures while recruiting powerful defenders, garnering gold, and completing secret campaigns. However, as the battle rages on, fatigue and terror will begin to take their toll, bringing your soldiers to their knees!

Unique in gameplay and artwork, this card game combines the epic dark fantasy illustrations of Manthos Lappas (Kolossal, Cryptozoic) and the mechanics of game designer Jeff Lai (Blue Orange, Outset Media, Smirk & Dagger). The result is a stunning strategy deck-building game that has impressed gamers across the globe.

Unlike other deck-building card games, Draconis Invasion incorporates hidden Campaign cards that reward points for killing specific Invaders, Terror cards and the Terror Die that add a doomsday clock so that your armies become tired and weak as time passes, and triggered Event cards that target the game-leader with potentially disastrous effects.

Kill six Invaders or exhaust the Events cards to end the game. When the dust settles, only one hero will stand victorious as the realm’s greatest champion.

1 Box, 1 Rulebook, 108 Gold cards, 90 Action cards, 114 Defender cards, 26 Randomizer cards, 16 Blue Invader cards, 17 Gold Invader cards, 24 Event cards, 1 Retreat card, 36 Terror cards, 28 Campaign cards, 48 Separator cards, 6 Turn Overview cards, 1 Starting Threat Level card, 1 Terror die.

As you’ve probably noticed, we are all big fans of Deck-Building card games. My personal favourites are Dungeons & Dragons Tyrants of the Underdark (which you can read about in my Tyrants of the Underdark Review) and Core Worlds (which I’ve been playing for longer than this blog exists, so no review for that one), and I’m very curious as to how Draconis Invasion will stand up to those.

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