Unboxing Flick Wars, A Kickstarter Funded Tabletop Dexterity Wargame.

A live unboxing video of the board game Flick Wars, a flicking dexterity based war game from Andrew Tullsen.

Flick Wars was funded on Kickstarter and published in 2019 by Breaking Games.

Disclosure: I was provided with a review copy of this game from Breaking Games. No other compensation was provided.

A live unboxing video of the board game Flick Wars:


From the publisher:

Flick Wars is a strategy and tactics dexterity game with six factions that range from humans to mechs to alien races. Each faction has a unique set of units.

The goal of the game is to eliminate all of the enemy units. The advanced game has specific scenarios and a new game play option which focuses on objective control. Units are discs with a picture representing the type of unit on it. Moving and attacking are both flicks. To move, you just flick your disc; to attack, you need to be in range. When you make a successful attack flick, the target unit flips over and is another obstacle.

Grab your own copy of Flick Wars from Breaking Games here:

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