Unboxing Unfair Alien B-Movie Dinosaur Western Expansion, four new themes for your games of Unfair

A look at what you get in the box for the first expansion for Unfair, commonly called the ABDW Expansion for Unfair.

This small box includes four new themes, Alien. B-Movie, Dinosaurs and Western. There are also a number of new game-changer cards and some updated cards for the base game.

A look inside the box for the first Unfair Expansion (ABDW):

Description from the publisher:

Build the city’s greatest theme park, whatever it takes, with more themes now available for your park with Unfair Expansion: Alien B-movie Dinosaur Western, with these themes being mixable with old favorites and with each other. The new themes are:

Alien: Build superior alien technology in your park, and pay for it with an entirely new currency provided by our beloved overlords. Ignore the spate of unexplained disappearances — it’s nothing.

B-movie: Mash up themes and re-use their best parts to make the most awesome awful movies in town. Filming in panorama-vision is now available for extra value.

Dinosaur : Discover a mysterious valley filled with living dinosaurs that offers exciting new attractions…for a park owner willing to take the risk.

Western: Make a stand, build a better life for yourself, strike it rich, and get robbed by outlaws in the wild west.

You can also tailor the game to suit your preferred play style with a range of new game changer cards.

I am a huge fan of Unfair (read my Unfair review to find out why) and this expansion just adds more to a game I love. Check out my Unfair Alien B-Movie Dinosaur Western Expansion review for more information on why I think this is a great expansion.

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