Unboxing the Aventuria Veil Dancer Hero Set, a new character and an age 18+ adventure for Aventuria

A safe for work unboxing of the Veil Dancer expansion for the Aventuria Adventure Card Game.

This expansion features a new hero, Karima al’Jamila, the Novadi Sharisad and the short adventure “Orgy of Thornes”, which is an erotic adventure for adult players.

Disclosure: Thank you Ulisses Spiele for sending us a review copy of this Aventuria Expansion.

What comes in the box for the Veil Dancer Hero Set for Aventuria

Description from the publisher:

This Hero Set introduces Karima al’Jamila, the Novadi Sharisad and “Orgy of Thorns,” an erotic adventure explicitly aimed at adult players.

You are on a dangerous mission that takes you into the heart of Oron, the Realm of Thorns, ruled by those who worship the arch-demon Belkelel–the Mistress of Dark Musky Lust. To achieve your goal and make it out of Oron alive, you must get physical in a very literal sense.

The Novadi Sharisad, Karima al’Jamila is a new hero that takes advantage of her magical and mysterious dances. As a hero, she is not only very hard to hit due to her fast and blurring movements but also has a set of dances that synergize and help her overcome even the biggest threats.

Check out our Aventuria Adventure Card Game review for more information on the card game this expansion is for.

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